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Akti lovers - Go for BelgiBeer

23-May-2017 15:35:28 / by Claude DE GEYNST posted in CRM, e-commerce, belgibeer, growth hacking, case study, sales management, software

From the craft brewers to the lovers of craft beers


Managing the promotion, orders, shipping and administration (payments, invoices, orders...) of thousands of parcels throughout the world while also ensuring top-level after-sales service with a small tram is quite a challenge! The crew at BelgiBeer are not just big fans of craft beers, but also of Akti. See how BelgiBeer has managed to increase its business easily and rapidly.

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Tips – Managing several identities with Akti

08-Mar-2017 17:54:05 / by Eric STANDAERT posted in Invoices, Accounting, registered accountant, online estimate software, analytical management, identities, Business Unit, tips, management software, entities, profitability, margins

Managing operational identities is now really easy.


Whatever the size of the company, it may be interesting or even necessary to organize and manage various activities from a single management software. Akti lets you do this! And the good news is that it is super simple to set up and has no additional cost. So let’s look at some of the questions related to setting up business units.
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News - Capital Increasing

08-Mar-2017 15:31:10 / by Claude DE GEYNST posted in Accounting, Codabox, yuki, support, ClearFacts, Funding, Chartered accountant, Functionalities

Akti raises €1.3 million in a new round of funding

The increased capital raised by Akti is intended to speed up the development of Akti and support the success of its users, both in Belgium and the Netherlands - our historical market - as well as elsewhere in the world.

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Integrations - Email Campaigns

20-Dec-2016 16:41:41 / by Claude DE GEYNST posted in CRM, API, campaign monitor, Mailchimp, emailing, smart lists, marketing

Sending your greetings using Akti.


It’s the same thing every year! Sending New Year’s greetings can sometimes be a real chore. Akti is coming to your rescue. Here’s how you can spend Christmas with your family rather than doing admin.

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New features - CRM

15-Aug-2016 08:08:00 / by Eric STANDAERT posted in Productivity, CRM, User experience, New features

Overview of what’s new in the CRM tool


The Akti CRM wants to be totally intuitive, simple and fast to use – this is one of its strong points. We are now going one step further, thanks to two new time-saving functions:    

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New Features - SEPA

15-Jul-2016 11:30:00 / by Eric STANDAERT posted in Productivity, Accountancy, Payment automation, SEPA

Functionality of the week. The SEPA payment-integration.




Do you want to automatically collect recurring payments across Europe?
The SEPA payment-integration is exactly what you need ... free of charge for current Akti users.

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New Features - Product and Sevices

01-Jul-2016 16:25:00 / by Eric STANDAERT posted in Productivity, Services, Product, New features, Catalog

Smoother products and services list management: articles becomes catalog


For several months we have been working on an important upgrade of the interface’s visuals to make Akti perfectly mobile and comfortable to use on a tablet. This required re-developing the navigation between the various levels of the menus. At the end of the day, this means greater productivity for you.

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New features - May 2016

01-Jun-2016 18:14:00 / by Gaëtan LORIOT posted in EU vat, Productivity, CRM, Data encryption, Automation

Increase your efficiency with VAT numbers.



As always, the development team is very busy to make Akti easier and faster for you. On a weekly basis, we will briefly present you new features. You can find the first one below.

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New features - Payments automation

31-May-2016 15:04:00 / by Gaëtan LORIOT posted in Accounting, Payment automation, SEPA, Accounting software, stripe, Payments, Codabox, New features, beta

Try them now - In beta version!

Akti will NEVER be accounting software. On the other hand, making life easy for you and the people that handle your accounting is one of our basic missions. As of today, you can now try – in beta version – three very handy integrations:

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Discover - Webshop tool

14-May-2016 00:00:00 / by Eric STANDAERT posted in Productivity, Invoices, Delivery orders, Inventory, Webshop, stripe, Online payments

Webshop 2.0 - Boost your online sales



The web is absolutely packed with solutions for putting your e-commerce site online. Some are even free! But a word of caution. Things that sound too good to be true are often exactly that. Selling on the Internet is not something you improvise and can, ultimately, often be more costly and difficult to manage than it seems.

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